Who we are

Our name, „Bodenseher“, evokes „Bodensee“, the German name of Lake Constance. The lake’s (old German) name comes from the ancient settlement Bodman, and was first used around the turn of the fifth and sixth centuries. But there is a pun as well: Boden is also the bottom itself, and Seher are, of course, „those who see“ – one could even translate it as „augurs“, but that’s not our prime association. Instead, as anthropologists and sociologists, this is what we do:

We look all the way to the bottom of things: whether through the Bodensee’s commonly clear waters or through murkier social, organizational, managerial or business affairs, we are not deflected by false surfaces or distracting mirrors.

We are not only trained in a broad variety of methods of the qualitative social sciences, but we bring considerable research experience to our projects, drawing from our experience in Central Asian mountain villages, in nurses’ ready rooms at German hospitals, during meetings of elders in the Ethiopian savannah, in European asylum cases, or at religious gatherings in Myanmar.

We will work together with you by starting at the very bottom of an issue, get a lay of the land in your project, and work upwards until we achieve a grounded bird’s eye perspective.

Find out more about us and about our individual spezializations, about the services we offer or contact us at info@bodenseher.de